One more full week until Christmas break! I think the kids are ready for a break from each other… today I told them there might be a shelf elf in our classroom next week 😉

Math: Graphs- Line graphs, Line plots, circle graphs.
     Math QTs will be on Thursday and Friday.

Reading: Review of Drawing conclusions and Cause/Effect

Social Studies: Madison Mart Stores
     Monday we will be introducing stores and they will fill out job applications.

**If you are interested in volunteering at Madison Mart, December 20th in the afternoon, please let me know!

**If you can donate any Sundae toppings for madison mart this would be greatly appreciated. For example: chocolate syrup, candies, whip cream (cans only).

**Mrs. Dodge is collecting shoe boxes for a Kansas History project the students will be completing soon. Please send any adult shoe boxes you have!

** Winter parties are December 21st at 2:30 pm. Jen Compton will be contacting you if you signed up to help. If you would like to help and did not sign up let me know I’m sure she would love the extra help!