We are down to 21 days of school, but who’s counting! :)

Earth Day is coming up! We are asking  you would start collecting “trash” for students to use for our Recylced Sculptures.

Ideas of things to keep:

Alumminum Cans


Cardboard Boxes

We are also in need of cardboard egg cartons (not foam ones). Please send in as many as possible, as the whole 4th grade will be using them.

5P Party will be on Friday afternoon. Kiddos will be rewarded for their hard work on state assessments with Pizza, Popsicle, Popcorn, Pop, and Party!

There will be a sub on Thursday.

Next week we will be getting into the Too Good for Drugs Curriculum. It does include information on tobacco, alcohol, and smoking however we are not going to touch on these subjects as I do not feel they are necessary at this age. They are a part of the workbook which will come home Friday when we are done with everything else. You may handle as you wish. We will be covering setting goals, good influences, peer pressure, making healthy choices, and looking for how we can help others.

Next Week:

Math: Long Division & Similar/Congruent Figures

Science: Too Good for Drugs Curriculum

Reading: Main Idea/Details and Questioning