Monday April 23rd: No School

Next week we will be celebrating Earth Week. Most of our day will be focused on reduce, reuse, and recycle. We will be talking about how to take care of our Earth. The following weeks after we will be discussing renewable vs. nonrenewable resources.

**If you have any old newspapers lying around please send them on Tuesday.

Tuesday: No Electricity Day (Our entire day will be without electricity)

Wednesday: No trash Lunch/Picnic. Fourth Grade will be having a picnic outdoors and we are going to try and make it as close to no trash as possible. Send sandwiches, chips, and other items in Tupperware or a dish that can be taken home and reused. If you do send a container (for drink or food item) make sure the wrapper is recyclable.

Thursday: Toy Swap. Bring an old toy you don’t play with but that someone else in 4th grade might enjoy. You can swap for a different toy.

Friday: Recycled Sculptures. Bring recycled items to create an art masterpiece. We are also in need of hot glue guns and glue sticks.

We want to welcome parents to man a glue gun or help students with creating from 8:30-10:00 am.

Math: Symmetry

Reading: Poetry reading and writing