*Remember No School on Monday due to Labor Day!

What a great week, routine is so nice to have finally! I wish I had a camera this past week to take pictures of the many things the kiddos did, however my phone is not working and my camera went through the washing machine about 2 weeks ago. Hopefully my phone will be fixed over the weekend and I can add pictures next week! I still have not received 2 website permission forms, but so far everyone is a go. Thank you for your support in the website! Speaking of support I also noticed a few of you even left comments… that makes this whole “classroom blog experience” so much more fun! The first time you leave a comment I have to approve so it may take awhile to post, but after you’ve been approved once you can comment right away.

They did great on spelling tests this week! Should be in their folders. Reading logs are also in their folders now :)

Anyway enough blabbering. This is what’s coming up next week!

*Still missing field trip permission forms, let me know if you need another one.

*Still missing goals. If you do not turn in a goal by Friday, it will not be counted. Those of you who set reading goals,  I will begin putting books on their level so they can be practicing at home!

Homework Packet will be passed out Tuesday: Write spelling words on home column, high frequency words practice, and 2 math review sheets (and reading logs). All due on Friday!

Spelling Pre-Test on Tuesday

hat, had, sad, sat, bat, bag, at, can, help, now


I can write numbers to 30.

I can identify when to use the addition sign.

I can add objects using pictures.


I can use the short a sound in spelling and reading.

I can make predictions during reading.

I will recognize sight words: in, no, too


I use finger spaces in my writing.

I can write a sentence.

Social Studies:

I can differentiate between wants and needs.