After having company all weekend and then a normal busy Monday I am FINALLY sitting down to update you!

First off before I forget, 1st graders are switching specials schedules with 3rd graders tomorrow because they have the bike rodeo in the afternoon. So we will have Guidance tomorrow at 11:00 instead of our normal time of 2:00.

We got all our field trip forms in, yeah!

*Students have earned a music party this Friday. They may bring toys, a CD to share or electronics to play with during that 30 minutes. Everything will be kept in backpacks until 2:00 when they go to specials.

Coming up this week:


Students will be able to identify whether an equation is balanced with numbers up to 10.

Students will know the equal sign represents a relationship between two equal quantities.

Examples: 3+1=2+2, 4=4, 5+2=7

This week we will be using scales to show the sides equal, hopefully by the end of next week they will begin to see it without calculating/needing manipulatives.


Students will be able to identify beginning, middle, end of a story.

Students will read words with a short /o/ sound.

Students will identify high frequency words: find, much, thank

Spelling Words: top, hop, hot, not, dot, lot, back, pick, oh, yes

Social Studies: 

Students will begin understanding how to make good economic choices.

Students will learn about spending vs. saving money.

Please continue working with your students on adding and subtracting. This quarter we want them to focus on the fluency of adding 1 or 2 and subtracting 1 or 2.