Hello! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. First I wanted you to know that there will be a sub tomorrow all day. My daycare provider is out of town and we don’t have family close by, so I will be staying at home with my kiddos!

Field Trip is Tuesday! We leave at 8:35 am, so please be sure to get your child here on time. Also, if you are a volunteer there should be an itinerary of our day coming home Monday night. Please be sure to send a sack lunch and a drink with your child.

Also, coming home this week will be a reminder about your conference time. If that time no longer works for you please be sure to let me know.

Coming up this week:


Students will be able to identify whether an equation is balanced with numbers up to 10.

Students will know the equal sign represents a relationship between two equal quantities.


Students will be able to classify and categorize topics.

Students will read words with the -all ending.

Students will identify high frequency words: how, much, of, some

Spelling Words: all, call, fall, wall, ball, tall, not, top, much, thank

Social Studies: 

Students will learn how to read a map key.

Students will understand the purpose and use for a map.

Please continue working with your students on adding and subtracting. This quarter we want them to focus on the fluency of adding 1 or 2 and subtracting 1 or 2.