Hello! I hope you were all able to stay warm this past weekend, Fall is definitely here! This is our final week of first quarter. This week we are going to be starting a new routine for math time. Instead of whole group math, we are going to try “guided math.” It will allow me to teach math concepts to a small group of students instead of trying to reach all 19 at one time. While I am teaching that group of students, the others will be working on math facts, reviewing previous concepts, or completing seat work/math journals. Three of the other first grade classes have already switched to this format, by Christmas time I believe all the first grade classes at Madison will be doing guided math. I have been doing a lot of research the past month and I believe I have picked the best practices for our classroom. My hope is that this will increase the amount of learning in our classroom and help me better meet the individual needs of students.

Coming up this week…

Math: We will be reviewing this quarters concepts, introducing guided math and taking Quarterly Assessments.


I can spell and read words with a short vowel /e/ sound.

I can quickly recite high frequency words: day, eat, first, said, time, was

I can compare and contrast story elements (for example: characters, settings).

Spelling words for this week: set, sent, ten, tell, let, get, all, call, make, of

Social Studies:

I will be able to identify Kansas on a United States map.

I can explain the purpose of using maps.


I can write a paragraph explaining and supporting an opinion I have.