Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful fall weekend! This week is packed full of different events!

Monday at 1:00 1st Quarter awards.

Tuesday is Chili/Bingo Night, remember to wear your costumes :)

Wednesday we have fall parties at 2:30 pm.

Friday the high school is doing a performance at 10:30 am.

We have been busy talking about the first and current president. On Friday we discussed our rights and responsibilities. The kids seem to be enjoying it! This week we will be focusing on the election process.

Spelling Words: us, bus, must, cut, club, cub, with, them, don’t, says


Be able to answer 10 problems in one minute of addition/subtraction with tens. Example: 4+6=10, 10-4=6


Be able to read words with short /u/ sound.

Be able to read high frequency words: be, does, food, grow, live, many

Recognize nouns in writing.

Social Studies:

Understand getting to know the candidates and the election process.