What a crazy week… I think the sugar got to our kiddos’ brains! But we survived and had a great week despite the constant high of excitement. I have lots of information…

**Reading logs for October need to be turned in, I noticed many were not in folders. If you have it at home will you send it in next week. The November calendar is in their folders as of today.

**I am no longer checking homework every day, it was eating up too much of my plan time. I will check homework on Friday… if it is done before then just leave it in their folder until Friday.

**We need to set 2nd quarter goals. The sheet will be coming home tonight with some ideas for goals. Just be sure to turn them in by next Friday.

**We have been working on math fact fluency. This quarter we are focusing on making tens, and subtracting from ten. Many of the students are really struggling. I am sending home flashcards to practice… unfortunately it’s all about memorization. We have been singing along to a rap, which can be found on youtube.

**I am sending a survey via email if you could PLEASE answer the questions; it would be a big help to me! It’s twelve questions and I am guessing it shouldn’t take longer than 3-4 minutes.

On to what’s coming up this week…

Math: Commutative Property

I know that 2+3 is equal to 3+2.

Continue working on making tens.


I can recognize, read, and use the following words: arms, every, feet, head, school, use, way, your

Spell the following words -ng spelling pattern: long, song, sing, ring, bring, thing, us, must, does, food

Students will be able to identify the plot of the story.

I will begin to understand how to write dialogue using the correct marks.

Social Studies:

I will take part in the presidential election in my classroom.

**If you are able please take your child to vote with you, we have been talking about it so much! I think they would really enjoy seeing what it is like!