Wanted to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! I did send some homework home with the kids :) They are to fill out what they eat, see, and am(feel) on Thanksgiving. It will help TREMENDOUSLY with the story they will be writing when they return. I also threw in a piece of gum if they return it ON Monday!

I also wanted to remind you about our Clorox grant… if you haven’t heard already we are trying to win a grant which would fund a walking trail at our school! However we have to vote EVERY day unil December 19th. You can vote via text and computer each day. You do have to register to vote on computer, but by text is  super easy. I just thought I would remind you so that maybe while you are sitting around the dinner table you could ask everyone to get out their phones and text 1544pbf to 95248. You can also vote here…

By text you can only vote every 24 hrs, and they mean literally 24 hours, so if you vote at 10:00 am, you cannot vote until 10:00 am the next day. Spread the word and help us win!
**Also, I posted a few pictures from the Thanksgiving feast!
Again have a wonderful weekend!