I am looking forward to seeing all the kiddos. We had kind of an abrupt ending before the holidays with our snow day :( Anyway, I hope the kids enjoyed their break and you all had fun, safe holidays!

First of all, most important piece of business… we will be making up our holiday parties. I am sorry I did not let you know earlier, but it was not my decision to make. As a staff we decided that grades K-2 will be having parties January 8th at 2:30 pm. If you are still able to help or you would just like to come we would love to have you. Mrs. Church will be contacting those that were originally signed up!

Awards Recognition in primary pod: 1:05 pm (right after lunch)

Also, a permission form for participation in my graduate research will be coming home. This research is really not a big to-do, I have no plans of publishing it. However, I do have to receive permission to use your child’s data. Everything is confidential, your child’s name will never be used, they will be assigned a pseudo name, such as student 1. Again, the information from my research will only be read by classmates and my professor. I want to thank you ahead of time and let you know I appreciate your support. Please return the signed permission form as soon as possible. No later than Friday, January 11th.

Here’s a look at our week:

Reading: Storytown Lesson 14: /ar/ sound, Author’s purpose

High Freq words: again, feel, house, know, loud, Mrs., put, say

Spelling Words: far, farm, arm, art, part, park, chin, such, fly, watch

Math: Writing our numbers to 100, working on fluency of doubles

Example: 2+2, 4+4, 8+8, 16-8, 8-4, 4-2

Writing: How to write an email :)

**We will also be reviewing rules, and Daily 5 routines.