Parents the day is here and we have been looking forward to it for nearly 100 days! The students keep track of our days in school each morning when we do calendar. And 100th day is finally here… Tuesday is the day! We are going to be doing all kinds of fun activities to celebrate!! I would like the kids to wear 100 things on Tuesday for something fun! It can be as simple as 100 stickers on their shirt, or a candy necklace with 100 fruit loops. You can also get as creative as you wish, such as this kiddo… 100 finger prints.

I also saw on Pinterest, a mom braided 100 braids… now that’s what I call dedication 😉 Whatever you do I hope this can be a fun activity for your first grader and you to count to 100. I will also be participating :)

I will be posting our weekly update later this weekend, but wanted to allow you some time to think about our activity!

Have a great weekend, hope everyone stays healthy!