We have a lot going on this week! Monday the kiddos will get to participate in an assembly during their specials time. Tuesday we will be celebrating 100th day and Wednesday we will celebrate Kansas’ Birthday. 100th day and Kansas day actually are both on Tuesday, but we will save our Kansas celebration until Wednesday!

Math: Review place value and continue to compare and order numbers.

Social Studies: Students will learn about the state they live in.


Students will identify the main idea.

Students will be able to read and spell words with the -le sound at the end.

Spelling words: hand, handle, wig, wiggle, single, little, turn, girl, by room

Here is a site where students can learn, practice and play games with their spelling words!

High Frequency words: buy, carry, money, other, paint, paper, would

**Remember to have your child wear 100 of something on Tuesday.