Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! Thank you for coming to conferences, it was so nice to see all of you! We will be on Storytown Lesson 19 this week, focusing on the long e sound. Hopefully we won’t be stuck inside too much with this cold weather.


Students will be able to read and write words with the long e sound.

Students will be able to identify cause and effect.

Spelling words: me, see, feet, seat, mean, team, slow, road, our, over

High Frequency: dear, door, hurry, mother, should, sky, told

Math: Associative Property

Students will look at a set of three numbers and understand they can add in any order.

Students will add three numbers using strategies they have previously learned (tens partners, doubles).

Science: Properties
Students will describe and sort objects based on their properties.

Writing: Describing

Students will write descriptive in order to describe the physical attributes of an object.