Well I think we can all guarantee a snow day tomorrow. The snow has already started falling and according to the news, Gardner can expect 12-18″.  Just wanted you to be aware that I am sending home a homework packet for the potential snow day(s). This packet and last week’s homework will be due on Friday. I am worried with the lack of school lately we might fall into a slump! Big incentive with completion of the packet and turned in BY FRIDAY: automatic 10 punches or a prize from treasure box. If the WHOLE class turns them in by Friday I will bring donuts for the class Monday morning.

I also noted the carnival on the homework. Don’t forget this Saturday is the school carnival from 3-6 pm. I have heard great things, so you don’t want to miss it! I will be there with my family as well.

Also, I would like to remind you to sign that yellow half sheet on Fridays. Only 2 students had their’s signed from last week, but I know things were probably crazy with snow days.

Here are some links (some are youtube videos) to practice our current skills we are working on:

Letter E Song

Letter O Song


Two vowels go walking-starfall

Two vowels go walking-youtube



Math Games

And of course go out and play in the snow!!