Can you believe we only have one more week before 3rd quarter is over? This year has flown by, must be due to having such a great group of kiddos! Time flies when you’re having fun! Speaking of, this is the last week for students to meet their 3rd quarter goals. Here’s a glance at what we’ll be doing this week…


Students will be able to read and write words with the long a sound, using the final e.

Students will be able to automatically read high frequency words: around, found, gone, hears, might, near, open, tired.

Students will be able to identify the problem and solution in the story.

Students will be able to summarize after reading a story.

Spelling words: came, game, gate, late, lake, take, day, play, four, place


Students will be reviewing 3rd quarter concepts and then taking a final assessment.


Continuing to describe an objects properties and classify based on those properties.

**Talent Show on Thursday… I believe it starts at 2:00. (check bear facts or school website to verify time)

**Remember No School on Friday!