Wow, can you believe your child has only one quarter left of first grade? They have grown so much over the year, I just can’t believe it! We are all looking forward to a great end of the year. We have a field trip (forms should be coming home late this week), field day, and lots of fun science. We will will be hatching butterflies and chicken eggs, we may even get our hands on some tadpoles. Earth day is also coming up and we have some fun activities to practice recycling, reusing, and reducing!

Here’s a look at this week:

Math: Finding the missing number.

Students will look at an equation and be able to solve for the missing number. Example  4 + __ = 9

Students will be able to write to 120.


Students will be able to identify the problem and solution within in a story.

Students will ask questions as they read.

Students will be able to read and write words with the long i sound.

Spelling words: like, line, nine, mine, mile, while, take, came, gone, near

High Frequency Words: because, light, right, those, walked


Students will investigate life cycles of various animals and insects.