Hope the kiddos have enjoyed their 3 day weekend! This weather is absolutely beautiful. We will be celebrating Earth Week Tuesday through Friday.

Please send in a shirt that can be recycled. We will be turning them into bags on Friday. Also if you have any puff paint you would be willing to donate or let us use for the day it would be much appreciated!

Remember our fundraiser will be taking place from this week until the end of the year. Bring in unused electronics, empty ink cartridges, or headphones. We get money for each item turned in! There is a collection box right outside the library. Speaking of the library. This week we will also be having the buy one get one free book fair!

A note from Mrs. Dodge:

This is such an exciting time for the kids but also very confusing for them!  Without a basic understanding of how much money they have and how much things cost, shopping can be frustrating for them.  It helps if you give them an idea of what they can buy/what you want them to buy at the Book Fair.  If you write it on a note and send it with the money, Mrs. Dodge and the Book Fair volunteers can help them.  For example, you can write on the note, “_____ has $6 to spend.  They can buy a book and a pencil or eraser.”  Or, “______ has $6 to spend, they can spend it on whatever they want.”  Most of the paperback books for Kindergartners and 1st graders range in price from $4-$6 and the pencils, erasers, and bookmarks are $0.50 each.  This Spring our Book Fair is a Buy One Get One Free Fair.  This applies to everything: books, pencils, etc. 

We will be going to the book fair as a class during library time on Wednesday.


Students will be able to identify story elements (characters, setting, problem and solution).

Students will be able to read and write words with the long i sound (y, ie, igh).

Spelling words: my, try, tried, ties, light, might, use, rule, color, hair

Students will be able to read high frequency words: climbed, earth, fooling, table, thought


We will be conducting an animal research this week. Students have already chosen their animal of research.


Students will be able to identify tens and ones. They will be able to represent two digit numbers with base ten blocks.

Students will be able to add 2 two digit numbers. (34+56=__)


Students will be able to define recycle, e-waste, and landfill.

Students will brainstorm ways they can be earth friendly.