Well we finally had a chick hatch and we will spend one last week with it until it goes to the farm!

chicks01 20130504_165336

The kids named him Boxer. He’s a pretty cute little guy, just a little noisy :)

Also, remember that Thursday is Field Day. Looks like it’s going to be very warm, so remember to send sunscreen and a hat. We will be outside most of the day!

Please have students bring one rock to school. Make sure that it can fit in their hands. We will be examining and sorting our rocks from home. This rock can be from a special vacation or simply from your backyard!

This week at a glance…


Students will be able to tell time to the half hour.

Students will be able to write to 120.


Students will be able to read and write words with a long e, spelled with a y or ie.

Spelling Words: funny, happy, story, stories, hurry, hurried, how, out, baby, done

Students will be use the reading strategy re-read to examine details in a story.

High Frequency Words: able, almost, blue, great, poured, took, traveled


Students will use adjectives to describe and sort rocks.

Students will be introduced to the three types of rocks: metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary.