Field day this Monday!! Please remember to send a sack lunch, sunscreen, hats, and a water bottle would be a good idea! We will get started right away at 8:30 am!

Friday is the homework party and 4th Quarter awards. Awards will be held in the pod area at 1:00 pm (right after lunch) and we will follow up in our room with some class awards! I already pulled homework charts and so we will NOT have homework this week. I will also be pulling behavior charts as we will not continue that for the remainder of the year. Please still send bear folders to carry important papers to and from school.

The chicks have gone to the farm :( While they will be missed, we may be able to focus a bit more without their constant peeping!

The last week of school we will have a “theme” for each day of the week. One day will be a camp out day. This week I will be sending home a volunteer sheet. If you are willing to send in items for our s’mores please return the sign up sheet by Thursday.

Coming up this week:

Math: Students will be able to tell time to the half hour.

Reading: **There will be no more reading tests, or spelling tests.

Students will be able to read and write words with the oo, ew sound.

Spelling words: boot, tooth, soon, noon, new, grew, story, hurry, great, took

Students will be able to identify details in the story.

Students will practice their fluency, using repeated readings.


Students will examine how metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks are formed.